The Chinese Supermarket is actually named like that. And it is not just some supermarket, it is really the supermarket. It is the biggest Asian shop in Dublin.

Contra: this shop sometimes appears a bit randomly sorted and it can take a while to find something special. E.g. sometimes the 100g packs are 3m away from 500g packs of the same stuff.

What's special there?Edit

They seem to be the only exotic place with an Off-Licence to sell alcohol.

They got a reasonable good selection of normal and exotic fruits and vegetables.

They got all kind of Asian food.

They got a good selection of ceramics and other kitchen stuff as well.

Where is it?Edit

The Chinese Supermarket is based in Drury Street [http:// here]. It only has a small window facing the street and one can pass it for years without ever noticing it - it gets huge inside then.