Chocolate Marshmallows are chocolate covered marshmallow like sweets that kids love. They can be heated in the microwave, which may double their size, melt the chocolate cover and soften the inner mass to a soft mush. Some people like that. However, they might explode as well after a while. You are warned. They exist in smaller (5 cm height) or normal size (8 cm height) with different chocolate colour covers, sometimes sprinkled with coco flakes or similar.

They are also known in Germany as Schokokuss, old and politically incorrectly as Mohrenkopf or Negerkuss, in Austria as Schwedenbombe or in Canada as whippet cookie.

One can enlighten most Germans by bringing a pack of them.

Where to get in DublinEdit

Ireland seems to be a bad country to find them.

The German version of the small ones (5cm high) might be found in Aldi from time to time. Aldi also has something similar but not exactly Schokoküsse more frequently.