Plums are a group of fruits. Some are easily available while some varieties are far more difficult to get. In general, the round, purple plums that are mainly imported from Spain in the summer are easy to get - they just don't taste like a lot.

Where to get it in DublinEdit

Fresh, round, purple: watery plums from Spain are available in every shop in the summer.

Fresh, longitudinal, purple, tasty: Of varieties, that are actually so tasty that you could make a plum cake with them, it is not yet known where to get them.

Plum mush: Plums in a large glass can be bought in various Polish shops in the city centre for at least €3 or more.

Dried: so-called prunes are available in a wide range of shops.

Plum wine: wine made from green plums in Japan is only available at the Chinese Supermarket.