Polski Sklep literally means Polish Shop. They are kind of a loose chain but owned and operated individually. Many shops have the same products and very similar prices. The shops can be found mainly in the north inner city centre of Dublin e.g. on and around Talbot Street but also in suburbs like Dun Laoghaire or commuter towns like Skerries or Balbriggan and also in other places all over Ireland where a larger Polish community can be found. They offer a great variety of Polish and often other Eastern European or German foods. Depending on the size of the shops they offer some of the following goods.

  • vegetables and fruits in tins and glasses like pickled gherkins, red cabbage, cherries, plums, apple puree
  • fresh bread and cakes/danish
  • fresh vegetables and fruits
  • dairy products including "Quark" (pure fromage frais for baking)
  • fresh and packaged sausages, meats, cheeses, fish
  • off-license with beers and wines
  • German brands like Dr. Oetker, Bahlsen, Kinder, Milchschnitte, Zott, etc.

Larger markets use the Polonez brand and can be found on Moore Street and Mary Street.